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Academic and
Executive Function Coaching

Children, Teens, and Adults

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Is your child/teen struggling with school, even "hate school"? 

Has your child been diagnosed with ADHD? Having trouble organizing, staying on task?

You may have heard the term Executive Function.  This refers to skills like working memory, organization, prioritization, decision making, self control, and flexible thinking.

Having difficulty in these areas is more common than you think and issues with executive function doesn't only affect kids with ADHD.  Unfortunately, these skills are expected of our kids but not taught.  Kids may find themselves feeling overwhelmed and not knowing how to get themselves on solid ground.  And don't forget, as they're trying to work on school, they're still figuring out who they are, learning what they care about, and trying to get more TikTok views (wink, wink).

Stressing out over their school tests and assignments takes its toll. Likewise, as their parent, it's tedious and time-consuming to help them organize and prioritize their work.

So let's take the pressure off the parent. I'm here to help.

If you want your high school or college student to thrive, schedule a session with me. 

If you are an adult who finds him or herself still struggling with ADHD that may have ever been addressed, let's talk.  I can help.

In these sessions, we will:

• Organize and prioritize class assignments.

• Boost grades and increase confidence.

• Master the use of a planner (and other school software during Covid-19). 

• Provide your student with more free time by getting more done.

*Sessions consist of weekly one-hour meetings via Zoom or in-person.

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