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How I Came to Coaching?

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Having been a classroom teacher for 15 years, then continuing on as an educational director for my own test prep and learning center, I saw the need to balance what really matters with regard to my students and their parents (What message was I driving home as I consulted parents on how many sessions of SAT prep their children should plan for?). I took a good hard look at my business and my own life. I reflected on what I wanted for my own kids as a parent: health, happiness, and confidence. I knew I was not alone; we as parents want the best for our children but we are focusing much of our day on pushing the academic achievement and leaving the rest up to chance. Hmmmm, both kids and adults could use a little fine tuning here, I thought.

Despite our best efforts, not all children are able to thrive in a rigorous academic environment without being given the tools for success. Similarly, students need the tools to thrive in decision making. Don't get me wrong here - I advocate giving the best educational edges to my children and my clients - that includes tutoring and test prep. But, it also includes making sure that at the end of the day, our children are wise problem solvers and can handle both the bumps as well as the successes that they will surely encounter in their lives.

Coaching has allowed me to combine my own strengths of compassion and problem solving with thinking outside of the box. I am able to help my clients realize and utilize their own strengths to achieve their goals and to feel confident and happy. Finding my own balance and satisfaction drives me to want to help others find it for themselves.

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